with your voyage.

The development of Japanese society started from a port where people and goods come and go everyday. There's always adventures's start and return point.

We wish all children and youth are able to believe themselves and their tomorrow and row far out from where they stand now.

Our Mission

Sense of Choice​
Enhancing “Sense of Choice” for children and youth

Life is the sum of all your choice.  We often make a choice, being influenced by each era as well as environments wherein we are raised. A choice, to be made, is sometimes very important one, especially when a youth becomes an adult. Some other times, we so easily make a choice in every-day life. If we are fully developed our abilities to make a choice, that means we have a pioneer spirit; we can open up a new path of life. Our company provides you with opportunities to obtain such skills through challenges without being afraid of failing. In such opportunities, you will be able to refine “Sense of Choice” as well as to develop characteristics of resilience or re-challenge.

Chance ∞ Choice
The potential in your life is infiinity
by number of the chance and what you choose.

Our Stance

Learning by Doing

Conventional career education and vocational education have used some types of career models created based on successful employees in large corporations. Life, however, is not so easy; we often face difficulties. Even famous leaders, who seem to be greatly successful in these days, might have gone through many challenges and conflicts until they found prime movers; these prime movers might help them to start displaying their leaderships. The first step, which we suggest, is to have a courage to take actions as well as to make choices at each moment based on your will. What we want to say more is that it is OK for you to worry and waver in such a procedure.   

Our Specialty


We support students obtain abilities to open up new paths by working on each part of their projects. 

Active Learning


■ Running


■ Coordinating cross

the border business/projects

■ Lectures/trainings/workshops

■ Survey to measure education

results (Defaults/Customized)

■ Project-type, group interviews

(Agent service/Designing)

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