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About CEO


Founder, CEO

Kisato GOTO

●Areas of expertise
・Business coach / consultant
・Driving Question
・Education for Sustainable Development(ESD)
・Developing educational program (Driving Question, Coaching, ESD, Project based learning, Hospitality) for 10-70 y/o.

Graduated from Ferris University. While studying at university, I won floor service category of McDonald's All Japan Crew Contest. After that, I earned the title of hospitality ambassador, and was involved in planning and managing seminars for employees and part-time workers. After graduated, I have experience in IR and new business development, subsidiary establishment / operation (employment / training / management for persons with disabilities) at a HR service company. After that, I became a professional coach. In addition to 1on1 coaches,  engaged in organizational culture reforms from large corporations in local governments and schools, and training of coach candidates. 

Minatoya Inc. was established in July 2016. Our mission is to create an environment that supports each person's “challenging story”. We are coaching managers and faculty members, organization development of enterprises, planning and management of project-based learning program at junior and senior high schools, and development of ‘Driving Question’ programs. Scheduled to be published in 2020.

●An idea worth spreading
You have ‘two eyes’. One for facing yourself, the other for searching a point of contact with society.

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